Artist Bio

Jane of all art trades here 👋🏻. I am a mom, artist, yogi and wanderlust soul.

I love art in any and every form. I began drawing in elementary school and all throughout high school. In college I studied art history and dance. Growing up I always dreamed i'd be a museum curator eventhough I did not know what entailed. I took dance classes and performed right up until I had my first child in 2000. My artistic career began as a make-up artist in 1996 and then later a residential painter and muralist. Years after an interior designer, visual merchandiser and in the last few years a jewelry designer.  But I always knew I would be an artist and I’ve thrown myself into every kind of art I could.


My most important job is as a mom of two beautiful girls and a son who went to heaven in 2012.  Shortly after this life altering time I really got connected to yoga. Mostly for the spiritual value and as my time to really connect with my heart and honor my grief. But also allowed me to keep fostering my creativity. 


I am constantly inspired by any and everything around me. Inspired by mother nature, especially the sky, music, books, movies and anyone who is doing what sets their soul on fire. Inspiration can be found anywhere if you’re paying attention. I paint out of love, therapy and the need to create. I am grateful to have love, support and people in my life that make being an artist possible. 


Thanks for stopping by, much love.